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Audiovisual solutions

What equipment and audiovisual solutions do we use?

Our own equipment includes microphones (wireless), high quality mobile loudspeakers, audio consoles, specialized lighting, HD digital cameras, multi-camera systems, screens and overhead projectors. The installation of the audiovisual equipment before an event takes a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 4 hours. The duration varies depending on the nature of the event and the required services. It takes about the same time to uninstall the equipment at the end of the event.

During the event,our trained and specialized audiovisual material management team ensures discretion with the technical support of the equipment we install. Our audiovisual solutions are offered in 4 kits (audio, recording, presentation, lighting) that can be combined with each other according to your needs and the nature of your event. Each kit includes both one category of equipment and the technical support associated with its operation during the event. The number of human resources required during an event varies depending on the services offered and the equipment provided. The various types of wiring required for operating the equipment are also included in each of the kits offered.

Available services

  1. Audio Kit
    This kit includes microphones (wired or wireless), speakers and the audio console. This kit captures the sound and distribute it throughout a room. The number of microphones needed varies depending on the number of speakers and the required number of speakers varies according to the room size and the size of the audience. For example, 1 loudspeaker is required for a good sound system for a small audience (less than 100 people), 2-4 loudspeakers are required for an average audience (100 to 500) and a minimum of 4 speakers are recommended for an audience of 500 people or more.
    For example, 1 loudspeaker is required for a good sound system for a small audience (less than 100 people), 2-4 loudspeakers are required for an average audience (100 to 500) and a minimum of 4 speakers are recommended for an audience of 500 people or more.

  2. Recording kit
    HD video cameras, multi-camera systems. Depending on the nature of your event and its distribution (live broadcast, webcast, TV channel broadcast), the number of cameras needed may vary. During the recording, professional cameramen ensure the proper functioning of each required camera.

  3. Presentation kit
    displays and projectors. The dimensions of our screens range from 8 feet by 8 feet (medium format) to 9 feet by 12 feet (large format) and to ensuring visibility throughout the event, regardless of the size of the audience. Our multimedia equipment management technicians ensure the proper operation of the equipment during the event.

  4. Lighting kit
    various types depending on the nature of the event.This guarantee a high fidelity recording.Our experts onsite will ensure a proper setup of the equipments

(FAQ) Nature of the event and participants:

  1. Approximately how many people will be in attendance in the room and at the event?

  2. How many presenters and speakers will attend the event?

  3. Will the presenters and speakers address the audience from a podium, a discussion table or in a mobile manner while moving?

  4. Are the presenters and speakers using media supports in their presentation?

  5. Will the event have group discussions between the speakers? How many people will simultaneously participate in it?

  6. During the event, will there be interaction with the audience (for example, during a Q&A period)?

  7. What type of microphones you will need (wireless, standing, clip microphone)?

  8. Should the event be captured? If so, for what purpose (archiving, live broadcast, webcast, TV channel broadcast)?

Date, place and duration of the event:

  1. What date(s) and what time(s) will your event be?

  2. Where is the event taking place (exact location of the building and the room)?

  3. Is it a public or private venue?

  4. How many different rooms will your event be in?

  5. What are the approximate dimensions of the room and what its configuration (only one floor, bleachers, etc.)?

  6. What is the total duration of the event (hours or days)?

  7. What is the duration of each presentation?

Equipment and technical support onsite at the event:

  1. Which equipment is already in the room (screens, projectors, microphones, sound console, etc.) and are likely to be used during the event.

  2. What are the names and contact information of the person in charge in the room and, if necessary, the technician?

  3. At what time it is possible to access the room to install the necessary equipment to hold the event?

Pricing adapted to each project:

The nature, duration, location of your event as well as the required number of solutions when it affects the assessment of the total cost of the services provided to ensure the success of your project.

The assessment of costs of services provided for your project includes the necessary technical personnel as well as all audiovisual equipment mobilized during your event.

We are committed to provide you with the most competitive rates, tailored to your needs and your budget. Additionally, projects that are repeated regularly receive preferential rates. This makes its advantageous to establish a long term service relationship.

Further useful information:

What kind of place is conducive for audiovisual services?

For major events which will be attended by several hundred people, it is best to opt for a convention center, amphitheater, or hotel.

For events mobilizing a smaller audience, it is also possible to consider a restaurant or banquet hall, a reception hall, an inn or even your corporate offices.

What are the deadlines required to book audiovisual services?

It is recommended to reserve our services in advance to ensure the availability of our staff and facilities.

For large events, it is necessary to book several months in advance to coordinate all the services provided.

For events that require less resources, we recommend making a reservation at least 48 hours in advance.

What are the areas served by VP Solution's audiovisual services?

Our team of experts cover considerable ground throughout the whole province of Quebec, particularly in the urban centers of the metropolitan area and the National Capital, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières, Chicoutimi and Rimouski.

Our services are also available throughout the rest of Canada

Notably in Ontario (Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston, Hamilton, Mississauga), the Maritimes (Halifax, St. Johns) and in the western provinces (Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver). It is recommended to contact us as soon as possible for services offered outside of Quebec to organize the delivery of equipment and personnel needed for your project.