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Interactive web solutions

Why use an interactive web solution for an event?

The interactive Web solutions allow remote people to participate in the event in the same capacity as if they were in the room. They also facilitate the management of the audience inside the room while also contributing to a better experience at the event. They contribute to a more simplified event, allowing participants to have clear and simple access to the data compiled before, during and after the event.

What are the advantages of interactive solutions?

The interactive solutions are virtually generated and structured by our team to meet your specific needs according to the needs of your event. Our team is also responsible for collecting all the data and information that you consider relevant to measure before, during and after your event to better understand its benefits. VP solution provides you with a 360 degree management by acting as a custom media provider for every event, regardless of its complexity, duration or scope.

The interactive solutions are divided into 3 parts

  • Solution before the event
  • Presentation platform for the upcoming event.
  • Solution after the event

Do you want to focus your event to make a targeted promotion to a specific audience?

Do you want your participants to register for your event before it takes place to learn more about your audience?

Our interactive web solutions can meet your needs by providing the necessary, secure, and web infrastructure tailored to your requirements. This infrastructure may include communicational, promotional or organizational elements such as enrollment management and lists of participants, preliminary communication at the event, promoting the event and the partners associated with it, etc. VP Solution provides you with the support and the means to better regulate the management of your event and make sure to communicate all the information and documents to the persons concerned when you see fit.

Solution during the event

The content of your event must be structured in order to be heard, seen and understood by your audience so the information you want to convey is responsive for those targeted. Our various interactive levels help to meet this need of communicating your message. For example, we provide the opportunity to evaluate the information transmitted live at your event by means of questions, discussions, comments and exchanges between the organizers, speakers, participants and audience. These live and simultaneous interactions can take various forms such as polls, chat rooms, evaluation sheets. All of these solutions permit the converse attention of the members of your audience by allowing them to actively participate. These solutions help achieve your goals whether they are informative, academic, evaluative, formative, or other.

Solution after the event. Your event is now over, but do you need to know the scope or impact?

Do you want to reuse the recordings and broadcasts taken during your event at another time or to make them accessible for the long term. VP Solution offers various post-event management solutions to meet your specific needs while ensuring the confidentiality of your information. Whether you want to view the data collected during the event, or archive and store the contents of your event to make them accessible to your audience at a later date.

Are interactive solutions are useful for any type of event?

VP 's interactive solutions include our custom-made component that allows you to increase the professionalism of your event while boosting the benefits. Not only will the participants feel that they have actively contributed to your event, but your message will be communicated to them in a more effective and structured manner. Thus, interactive solutions can go beyond traditional presentations by relying on new tools of communication and interactivity with the audience.

What are the prices for Interactive solutions?

Since they are tailored to meet your needs, the prices of our interactive solutions vary according to the events. Over the past 12 years, we have managed thousands of events of diverse natures and magnitudes. We have the expertise to evaluate your real needs and suggest the best ways to sweeten your content. To make your project shine, we will offer you a customized quote with the most competitive rates. We can then provide you with an organizational and operational plan that respects your time and meet your technical requirements.

How much time is needed to get a final interactive solution?

Usually for large events, interactive solutions are planned and developed over a period of 6 months with the collaboration of the different sectors of our business. However, this time frame varies depending on the complexity of your requests and needs. If you are already a VP Solution customer and we have already had the opportunity to meet your specific needs, this time frame is significantly reduced. So, even if they are adapted to your current needs that have changed from one event to another, you can send us an organizational and operation plan approximately one month in advance.

Why choose VP Solution for your interactive solutions?

Over the past 12 years, we have gained extensive experience in event management. Our team of experts is able to meet all your needs, from the simplest to the most complex, whether it is for your live or webbased events, through our various interactive solutions. Similarly, our expert team provides technical and technological assistance either before, during or after your event to avoid any problems, for example, whether with sound or image, which could occur and they remain available for you and your audience to answer questions and ensure the smooth running of your event.

The success of our interactive solutions relies on a team of experts who take into account the nature, complexity and magnitude of your event. Additionally, as for all of our solutions and services, the technological development is done in-house by our experts, which ensures quality from every point of view (sound, video, graphics, etc.) and also ensures the harmonization and consistency in the delivery of our services.

In business since 2005, VP solution Inc. is constantly growing and our regular customers pool continues to expand. Each year, through our expertise, our development and our constant research in technological development, we are able to provide event management to a greater number of events simultaneously. We are continuously perfecting our technologies to make your events unforgettable.