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Live Web and Webcast

Why opt for the live broadcast or teleconferencing at your event?

These modes of distribution increase your projects scope while providing access to people who can not physically attend the event. The live broadcast includes webcasting and teleconferencing. The webcast allows live and simultaneous transmission from the place where your event is taking place. This transmission is accessible to all interested or invited people who can attend the event remotely through a link (URL) provided to the organizers of the event by VP Solution. For its part, web conferences are a two-way live audio and video stream between two or more locations. It allows exchanges between remote individuals within a smaller network of individuals. This distribution method is particularly suitable for task forces or corporate meetings.

What are the advantages of webcasts and teleconferencing?

Nowadays, internet has become an important, if not essential, means of communication over long distances whether by using a computer, mobile phone or tablet. Webcasts allows event organizers to significantly reduce costs from a logistical (travel expenses, accommodation, meals, etc.) and environmental point of view while allowing them to increase the regional, national, and even international impact of a project. Indeed, thanks to webcasts, it is now possible for a remote speaker to reach a wide audience or attend an event, despite his inability to travel. Similarly, it provides an opportunity for a task force to conduct efficient meetings, despite the distance between the employees.

Obviously, the more the access to the webcast and the teleconference is publicized by the organizers the more it will attract and register a larger and more targeted audience. The influence of your event not only depends on the project's goals themselves, but also on the audience.

What kinds of events can benefit from a webcast or a teleconference?

  1. Conferences

  2. Symposia

  3. Conventions

  4. Professional or associative assemblies

  5. Annual events

  6. Distance learning and continuing education

  7. Task forces

The price of a webcast and a teleconference varies depending on different aspects of the project:

  1. The broadcasts and technical details and specifics relating to the webcast (preparing/customizing the environment, the internet link where the broadcast will take place, the platform used)

  2. The broadcast duration is the main variable that affects the cost of a webcast.

  3. The rebroadcast or hosting at your event.

  4. With VP solution, regardless of the number of people who view the event, delivery rates remain the same. In addition, VP Solution has developed its own webcasting tools, enabling us to offer a quality service that is customized to the needs of each client. Finally, by providing the hosting services, we can offer our customers a very affordable discount.

    Can anyone just wing it as a webcasting provider? Webcasts and teleconferencing require expertise both in the field of audiovisual media and as well as webcasting to ensure the quality required for their proper operation and to avoid technical problems that may occur during a live streaming event.VP Solution has maintained an excellent reputation in the field of webcasting for over 12 years.Our customers know they can rely on our knowledge to deliver a product that meet expectations.No matter what the context is, we have the solution.

    How many people can be reached through the webcast and teleconferencing?

    The number of people varies depending on your objectives and target audience. In recent years we have managed webcasts for both large and small audiences while providing the same quality and the same expertise to all of our customers.The possibilities are endless.

    How long can a webcast or teleconference last?

    Again, the duration of webcasts varies depending on your event goals. The time can range from several minutes to several hours depending on the nature of your event and objectives thereof. Our expertise suits your real needs.

    What are some questions that a customer should ask before choosing a web event?

    Do we need to include remote people who can not travel?
    Is the user adequately equipped (internet connection speed, and modern computer software and updated versions of browsers) to view the web event? To ensure the smooth running of an event's webcast, we provide all the organizers with the technical specifications including: The type of Internet connection (wall versus Wifi, basic high-speed rate); modern computer (PC or Mac) the types of web browsers to use (specification of the last update) Adobe Flash Player (updated).

    How to further personalize your webcast experience?
    You can add interactive solutions that suit your needs and meet the objectives of your event. At the request of the customer, VP Solution can also customize the delivery platform to include graphic elements (company or partner logos), various tools, interactive polls, internal solutions (offered by VP Solution) or external solutions external offered by other suppliers. Our webcasting platforms have been developed to meet all your needs.

    Is the informations presented at an event through a webcast or a teleconference are secured?

    Unless an archive is specifically requested by our customers, no content broadcast by VP Solution is retained. For obvious ethical reasons, no disclosure or resale data or information is performed by VP Solution. We ensure the complete confidentiality of the information that is entrusted to us to webcast. We have also have developed a webcast and delayed broadcast platform with restricted and privileged access that meet the needs and requirements of all our customers.